Ways to be involved at York Food and Drink Festival

2017 Festival dates are:
Chocolate Festival - 14th to 17th April
Taster Festival - 10th & 11th June
Main Festival - 22nd Sept to 1st Oct

Take A Market Stand:
Information and application forms

For your information:
Demographics and Footfall
How we choose which applications will be accepted.
Terms and Conditions

In House Events:
We want to encourage visitors to move around the city and discover our fantastic food. We’re looking for exciting food and drink events happening during the Food Festival. Tell us what you’re doing and you’ll be listed as part of our programme & promotion. This can be anything to do with food and drink such as a lunch/dinner or workshop.

We’re also looking for tastings in different venues across the city. The tastings can be big or small, during the day or in the evening, be as short as 20 minutes or as long as the whole night! You can host a tasting yourselves to show off your food/drink or provide a space for a small producer to come and give a tasting. These can be ticketed events and the Festival can sell tickets on your behalf (at a small cost). Click to fill out your interest

• Festival Location Events (September):
Traditionally these have been held in the Guildhall but that is currently not available to us. We are looking to move these events into the main festival area on St Sampson's Square with York(shire) restaurants taking over the area for the early evenings and running a street food cafe. Some cooking facilities will exist and simple crockery can be provided. Please reply to admin@yorkfoodfestival.com  you'd like to be involved.

• Taste Trail (September):
Let us send new customers to your door. Festival visitors will purchase a Taste Trail booklet from our website or information point during the festival. You will offer a sample during the 10 days of the festival - this could be anything from a canapé, a piece of cheese, a chocolate, a mini cake, a 25ml drink sample. It won’t cost you anything to participate (Apart from your samples / tasters). You can also offer a discount on purchases. Click to fill out your interest

• Ale Trail (September):
Festival visitors start the trail at the Festival Real Ale Bar by picking up a (free) booklet with the participating Real Ale Pubs and Bars listed. Once a customer has visited your establishment and purchased a drinnk (it doesn't have to be Real Ale or even alcoholic!) you will stamp their booklet for proof of their visit.
It won’t cost you anything to participate, you just need to have a range of Real Ales available to purchase at your establishment. Please reply to admin@yorkfoodfestival.com  you'd like to be involved.

• Offers and Deals: NB these are not necessarily discounts.
As long as the offer falls between the Festival dates it can be anything you like; a special tasting menu, an item only available during the Festival , buy one get one free, % discount, a set price menu, It can be for all 10 days or just some of the days. We would advertise your offer on our Offers page, and also at the information point during the Festival. Click to fill out your interest

• Sampling Stand:
We will buy £50 of stock from you, for the public to sample, if you (or a representative) would like to join us as a guest for the day on our Festival Sampling Stand. A chance to promote your business and a chance for the public to meet you in person and learn more about you and your business.
This oppurtunity is available to York businesses, any outside of York will need to provide a product that is not available in York.
Please reply to admin@yorkfoodfestival.com  you'd like to be involved.

• School Activities Workshops (September):
We need volunteers to run 30 minute workshops in The Guild Hall (or if appropriate, in your city centre premises nearby), For example activities in previous years have included: Chocolate workshop, Cheese making, Indian Snacks, Pasta making, Gingerbread making, Coffee Roasting, Finding out what’s in your food with FERA, Smoking Kippers. This is a great opportunity to promote your business to reach a large number of families. Please reply to  admin@yorkfoodfestival.com  you'd like to be involved.

For all of our festivals, we run a daily programme of food & drink demonstrations in our demonstration kitchen. These are designed so that chefs/restaurants/bars/cafes can promotoe their business / current project to the Festival goers (there are around 60 seats).
On the day you can hand out flyers/cards/special offers to promote your business and we will promote your demonstration on the website programme in the run up to the Festival.

We are keen to avoid demonstrations that are simply dishes from your restaurant. Below are some ideas of what we are looking for:
- A demonstration that incorporates the Festival theme for the year; this year we are concentrating on small micro producers / businesses
- A demo alongside one of your favourite quality food producers or using produce from the festival market that day (e.g. how I use his/her goat's cheese, along with an opportunity to interview the producer and the audience to taste a bit).
- A demo illustrating something technical or classic - An event where the chef coaches volunteers from the audience to produce a dish
- A challenge to cook a meal using a mystery box from the Festival market
- An event of your designing to include children / a community group etc.
- Something  original suggested by you
- Most importantly we are a Yorkshire Festival, please emphasise that by using and talking about Yorkshire produce.

Demos run on the hour and last about 30-40 minutes. The demo kitchen includes hobs, an oven and basic crockery/utensils are provided. 
Please email us at admin@yorkfoodfestival.com to express your interest. 


• Other:
Junior Chef's Competition
Coprorate Friend of the Festival
Entertainment - Throughout the festival we are looking for singers, bands to volunteer their time and perform in our bar area for a charitable cause. Please email YorksLiveMusicFestival@gmail.com you'd like to be involved.