Increase your sales, by being part of
York Food Festival’s Voucher Scheme

  • York Food Festival will print 5,000 booklets with ‘money off’ and ‘discount’ vouchers for 2012
  • Customers can buy the booklets for £5.00 (but then save £'s in freebies and discounts)
  • The Festival will give some of the leaflets away FREE, as ‘added value’ to ticket buyers of Festival events - in order to get as many as possible into circulation.
  • Participants, in the booklet, will also be given up to 20 booklets to give away.
  • You can purchase additional booklets (At £3.00) to be given away or re-sold, if you choose.
  • You will have a potential 5,000 extra sales.

How it works:

  • If you take part, you will have your own voucher.
  • You choose what your offer is going to be. For example, ' buy one, get one half price', ‘10% off total bill.
  • You choose the start and end dates of your offer . (It does not have to be for the duration of the Festival only, but can be if you choose). You could encourage a return visit by choosing a date after the Festival

Cost to participate: £95.00 (+ VAT).Would you like to take part?
To apply, fill in and submit the details below (All fields are required).