Festival Glassware Scheme

A government ban on a range of polluting single-use plastics is now in place. The operational arrangements for the provision of branded plastic “glasses” at the Food Festival would be as follows:

Summary for operators: The “glassware” is on free hire from us on condition that you charge a £2 deposit per glass to the customers and the customers can redeem this from you on return of the glass to you. You can return broken / damaged glasses to us, so there is no reason that the system will cost you anything to run. We will run a daily cleaning service for the glasses (if required).

Ordering and Branding: The Food Festival orders a range of branded plastic “glasses” specifically designed for the event. These glasses would be unique and easily identifiable as belonging to the festival.

Range of Glassware: Will be created in collaboration with the operating bars – so you will have the type of product you need.

Free of Charge to Participating Bars: The festival provides these branded glasses to the participating bars free of charge. The purpose is to offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cups and enhance the festival experience for customers.

£2 Deposit System: When a customer purchases a drink at one of the bars, they pay a £2 deposit for the branded glass. This deposit encourages customers to return the glass rather than discarding it, reducing waste. Bar staff need to be able to explain the wider system to customer so they are aware of their other options – but this information will be provided to you – and customers on a laminated sheet which we would ask you to display on the bar – and we will leave elsewhere around the site.

Redemption of Deposits: Customers have the option to return the glasses to any participating bar or the information point and redeem their £2 deposit. This incentivizes customers to return the glasses and ensures the smooth operation of the system. So, bar operators need to be prepared to take glasses – even if they are not using that variety of glass.

Daily Collection of Dirty Glasses: At the end of each day (or in the morning tbc), all dirty glasses returned by customers are collected by the festival organizers. These glasses are then taken away to be thoroughly washed and prepared for reuse. Generally, we will (and at the same time) replace the glasses with an equal number of clean ones. There will be a receipt system for the delivery / return of additional / surplus glasses.

Calculation of Balances: At the end of the event, the festival calculates the balance of glasses issued to and returned from all the participating bars. Any glasses that were not returned are considered as purchased by the bars. The bars will of course already have any surplus of £2 deposits paid.

Charging Bars for Unreturned Glasses: The bars are then charged £2 per item for any glasses that were not returned by customers. This ensures that the festival recovers the cost of the unreturned glasses. The bars will have had use of the glasses free of charge, the Festival will gain the income from any customer who has taken the glass as a souvenir. We will accept the return of accidentally damaged glasses.

Souvenir Option: Customers also have the choice to keep the branded glasses as a souvenir if they wish, even though returning them would entitle them to a deposit refund. We would ask the Bars to be prepared to sell clean glasses at £2 (or in exchange for a dirty glass) if the customer wants to do this.

By implementing this operational arrangement, the Food Festival promotes sustainability, potentially earns some income, reduces waste, and provides a unique and memorable experience for both customers and bars participating in the event. ​

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