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York Food Festival 2023: A Celebration of Community Engagement

York, September 6th, 2023 – The 2023 York Food Festival was an outstanding success, but as we reflect on its achievements, we’re keenly aware of the need for additional funding to further expand in 2024, as noted by Festival Director, Michael Hjort. The York Food Festival featured an extensive program with a strong emphasis on community engagement, setting the stage for an exciting 2024. Here are some of the key community highlights from this year’s festival:

Educational Initiatives:

Cookery Workshops for Primary School Children: Over 1000 primary school children participated in hands-on cookery workshops, igniting their culinary curiosity and nurturing a passion for food.
“Food Factory” for Adults and Families: More than 500 adults and families took part in “Food Factory” workshops on weekends, acquiring valuable culinary skills and crafting cherished memories.
Scout Involvement: The festival welcomed local Scouts in the early evenings, with potential plans to expand this program in 2024, offering a unique learning experience for young participants.
Community Support:

Charity Contributions: The York Food Festival raised over £5000 for St. Leonard’s Hospice, showcasing a deep commitment to giving back to the local community.
Collaboration with Trussell Trust: The festival actively engaged with the Trussell Trust to promote their essential work at York’s food banks, emphasizing the significance of aiding those in need.
Support for Learning Difficulties: The Neet organization was hosted at the festival, providing valuable opportunities for individuals with learning difficulties to engage with the community.
Refugee Organization Engagement: The festival dedicated a significant portion of its program to Yahala Mataam, a refugee organization, championing inclusivity and cultural exchange.
International Connections:

Delegation from Dijon: York’s twin town, Dijon, was proudly represented at the festival, with a dedicated stand space and public engagement activities, fostering international bonds and cultural understanding.
Local Business Promotion:

Community Stand: The Community Stand warmly welcomed Indy York and other local organizations, serving as a platform for them to engage with the public.

York Trails: The festival partnered with 45 York businesses on two city trails, encouraging visitors to explore more of what York has to offer.

Michael remarked, “The York Food Festival 2023 was an unquestionable triumph, thanks to the active involvement of the local community, businesses, and organizations. To achieve even more in 2024, we are actively seeking a headline sponsor or sponsors and aiming to increase volunteer participation. It’s never too early to reach out and express your interest in shaping the future.”

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